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QRO Lavage, Narbonne&Lavage du Pont, Plan d'Orgon

Hi-Tech Washing of Heavy Trucks Wash
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External cleaning

Internal tank cleaning

his service is available only at the QRO center at Narbonne.

We are members of APLICA and deliver E.C.D (European Cleaning Document)

Our equipment :

  • 2 covered, heated wash tracks
  • 6 rotating washing heads (140 bars)
  • Steam boiler
  • Hot air drying

Our expert team of washers welcomes you for tank inside cleaning :

  • Food : all products
  • Powdery
  • Chemical : all products except
    • 6th class or those whose ADR contains 6
    • Latex, Acronal, Acrylate and their derivatives
    • Resins, glues (except wood glue and paper glue)
    • White goods (paint base, ...)
    • All products requiring the use of a washing product (solvent) other than our detergent

Wash/ Disinfection of refrigerator trailers

Wash/ disinfection (a cleaning procedure according to the transported goods).

  • Flood rinse, pre-purifying
  • Wash, disinfection: disinfectant product, HP hot water
  • Final rinse